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Melissa is a North Central Alumni who double majored in mathematics and education – she even taught high school math for several years.

After determining being a teacher was not for her, she began her insurance career in September 2005.  Melissa started out as a Production Assistant at Gallagher Healthcare and earned three promotions in less than four years.  She quickly developed a love for the profession and took a keen interest in the underwriting aspect of insurance.  Melissa left Gallagher Healthcare in March 2011 to pursue underwriting and became a Senior Underwriter at OMSNIC/Fortress Insurance Company.  At OMSNIC, Melissa excelled at the art of underwriting and project management, but dearly missed working with her physician clients as a broker.  In November 2013, MRS offered Melissa the opportunity to manage the Advocate Physician Partners Risk Purchasing Group (APP, RPG) where she could use her previous brokerage and underwriting experience – Melissa was delighted at the opportunity and continues to enjoy working with the great people at MRS.

Melissa has always had a thirst for knowledge and continually challenges herself to learn new things and grow as a professional so she can better serve the needs of her clients.  She has earned several professional designations which required countless hours of studying and exams to demonstrate mastery of the material.  Melissa currently holds the following designations:

  • Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) – December 2012
  • Registered Professional Liability Underwriter PLUS (RPLU+) – May 2012
  • Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) – July 2014
  • Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) – October 2014
  • Associate in Risk Management (ARM) – July 2015

Melissa was raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and devotes her free time to volunteering with an animal rescue, shopping, fishing, and traveling.  Melissa lives in Elgin with her husband Wayne, daughter Tiffany, and their cats.