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ISMIE Sets 2017-18 Dividend Distribution

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April 26, 2017 – $16 Million Shared by All ISMIE Policyholders Renewing as of July 1

ISMIE Mutual is pleased to announce that $16 million in dividends will be distributed starting in July for the 2017-18 policy year. Since 2007, a total of $226.6 million has been paid out to ISMIE policyholders. Said ISMIE Mutual Chairman Harold L. Jensen, MD, “For 11 years, we’ve paid annual dividends, a testament to ISMIE’s stability and operating standards which have made us unique in the medical liability industry.” He added, “In our 41st year, we have great plans ahead.” Unlike previous years, this distribution will be made to all current ISMIE policyholders renewing as of July 1.  

What do you need to do? Nothing. Your dividend will be automatically applied as a premium credit at your renewal.

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