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ISMIE – New Discount for Individual Policyholders

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February 16, 2017 – Chicago, IL – ISMIE Mutual Rolls Out New Discount for Individual Policyholders:

Eligible individual physicians can now earn an additional discount of up to ten percent.

Chicago, IL – ISMIE Mutual is pleased to announce a new discount for eligible physicians who purchase individual medical liability coverage. This “individual schedule rating” credit will provide most physicians with additional discounts of up to 10 percent. The reduction is applied on top of premium credits offered through ISMIE’s loss-free discount program, risk management participation and dividend distributions.  Policyholders receiving group or clinic discounts are not eligible for this new credit which applies only to qualifying individually insured physicians.

“This latest change in how we calculate premiums for our individually insured physicians is another example of ISMIE’s commitment to serving our policyholders,” said ISMIE Chairman Harold L. Jensen, MD. “We crunched the numbers and this discount will provide an average credit of 7.7% for our individual insureds. ISMIE has partnered with our policyholders for 40 years and key to our success has been our commitment to sustainable premium rates to support the practice of medicine over the long haul.”

The best part about the credit? No action will be required to receive the discount. The individual schedule rating will be applied to eligible renewals and new business beginning April 1, 2017.

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